People generally aren’t themselves on a first date. In an effort to make a good impression, they’ll wear clothes they don’t normally wear, and say things they don’t normally say.

If that’s the case, then how can you get past all the pretenses and make an educated guess on whether you’d want to see this person for a second date?

Let them drive you home. Because while people can alter their demeanor during a date, their inner demons always flare to the surface when they’re behind the wheel of a car.

Don’t expect to win an argument against this date! Image source: Corbis

You see, a person’s driving style is a great indication of their true selves.

  • If he speeds everywhere and constantly has his foot on the accelerator, he’s probably a pretty impatient guy.
  • If she drives in the middle of two lanes because she can’t settle on the one lane, she’s indecisive and will probably juggle you with someone else.
  • If he recklessly lane-switches all the time in an effort to gain even the slightest lead over other cars, he probably rocks an inch-worm in his pants.
  • If she keeps blocking other drivers off and stubbornly refuses to let anyone lane-change in front of her, you can bet she hates losing – expect endless arguments.
  • If he’s deadly silent the entire time, and just glares at other drivers while grinding his teeth… he might be a psycho.
  • If she just chats and texts and basically doesn’t pay any attention to the road, she’s not likely to take anything seriously.

So what kind of driving traits should you look for then?

I’d say they’d be the same kind of traits you’d look for in a relationship. I read this interesting post by a psychologist that says Marriage is for Losers. What did he mean about that? Well, the most functional relationships are those where both parties are willing to lose and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Easy-going and courteous driving will lead to smoother and less bumpy relationships. Image source: Corbis

And that can really come across in drivers that coast along the road calmly, without picking a fight with every other driver out there.

  • If he gives way to buses, he’s probably a courteous guy and will likely open doors and do other gentlemanly things for you too.
  • If she graciously gives way to lane-changers, she doesn’t have a compulsive need to win at everything.
  • If he eases into the accelerator for gradual take offs and doesn’t feel the need to blast off from every junction, he’s likely to last longer in bed.
  • If she doesn’t tail-gate other cars, she’s able to give you your own space.

That’s pretty much what I can think of right now.

One more thing: Not every guy that does the whole “brake suddenly and then reach out to stop your boobs from hitting the dashboard” move is actually aiming for your boobs.

Her reaction says it all: no kiss good night, and definitely no second date.

And another thing: If he parks the car in a secluded place, don’t get angry with him because you assumed that he’s just trying to get frisky – he might be planning to propose to you! True story!

Of course, he could also be a serial killer. In any case, make sure that the door’s unlocked and be prepared to run.

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. Brilliant. I have also found that if you watch five days of Jeopardy with a person, you can tell the brain dead from the people who at least look around themselves once in a while.

  2. hahaha!!! “…he probably rocks an inch-worm in his pants.” too freakin’ funny! you rock, dude!

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