Back in the day, I’d express my frustrations pretty openly on the Internet. At first, it’d be a mass-email to my friends, and later on I’d just go onto Facebook or Twitter and bitch about whatever it was that’s bothering me. It’d be thinly disguised as a humorous post of course, but it’s still an act of lashing out.

These days, I’m wise enough not to do that anymore… but it still would be nice to have an outlet to vent one’s frustrations. I guess I just want to scream out loud or something, until I don’t have the energy to be so frustrated anymore.



Right now I’m feeling quite bottled up. I’m a bit confused, I guess. I don’t really have anything or anyone to be angry at, except maybe fate. But then again, I don’t really believe in fate so what can I be angry at?

Myself? But am I really angry at myself? I don’t think so. I should just go back to being disappointed. Being disappointed is a lot less draining than being angry.

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. tlf says:

    I know how you feel, buddy boy.

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    I agree! So frustrating to want to scream (and shout..and let it all out;)) and then realize that you’re about 20 years too old for that:)

    Sad to hear that you feel disappointed..may I ask why?

    Regarding screamers, I’ve really started to like the occasional outburst from Kanye West on the Diamonds remix:)

  3. The Secretary says:

    In times like this it’s best to vent said anger in two ways.
    One: The artistic angry muse way. This is where you paint, draw, sketch, write a poem, or whatnot venting your anger about the situation. Then call it art and sell it online for a butt load of money. (Selling doesn’t work unless your super awesome and famous. No one buys my angry looking cartoons. lol.) but it does give you an outlet that’s constructive.
    Two: Play A video game (usually a shooter or strategy) I prefer Kingdom Rush. I like upgrading my army and watching my sharp shooters, shoot orcs.

    I hope things work out for you somehow.

    • Drew says:

      Thanks! I was venting on videogames, but my insufficient skills in Starcraft II were getting quite frustrating too hahaha!

  4. renxkyoko says:

    Like what the commenter wrote above, just play a video game and vent all your frustrations and slash your way to happiness. Ha ha

  5. Vividhunter says:

    I hope everything is ok with you, wifey and bean ><

  6. mistylayne says:

    I always write when I feel like that – I used to do so online also but now I just keep notebooks around for it. Hope you are feeling better! (((hugs)))

    • Drew says:

      I have a collection of diaries from my younger days when I’d angst-write… it’s a good source of emotional inspiration when I’m writing a new story and I need to remember the raw feelings of a particular emotion (without actually going through it again).

  7. Hey Drew … when I’m feeling like that (which is often), I rely on the James T. Kirk Method to get me through, which I described in my blog a few months ago. Give it a try … sure beats Gordon Ramsey!!!

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