I was talking to a friend of mine who is on the marketing team for those Blizzard videogames here in SE Asia, and of course the big upcoming game is the StarCraft expansion pack Heart of the Swarm. I’m a zerg player myself, so obviously this expansion pack is something I’m looking forward to.

I brought up the fact that I’ve recently volunteered to help write articles for Action for Singapore Dogs, a non-profit organization that helps and protects local strays and abandoned dogs, and then it occurred to me that it would be an excellent idea to do some of that corporate social responsibility stuff and help needy dogs while selling the new game. It’s totally not going to happen or anything, but I made this picture anyway because I think it’s funny.


But seriously, the new Heart of the Swarm expansion pack does look like a pretty awesome game… and there’s only so many Sarah/Nancy Kerrigan Queen of Blades jokes that I can do before it really gets tiresome. Though it really was tragic when Kerrigan, the ice-skating Queen of Blades, was betrayed by Tonya Harding in Tarsonis.

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

3 responses »

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, I think Heart of Swarm is my kind of game.

  2. mistylayne says:

    I have no idea what this video game is but that picture is awesome!

    • Drew says:

      StarCraft is one of the biggest videogames in the world, and is played competitively internationally. The Koreans particularly love it, and top Korean players get the same amount of love as NFL QBs.

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