Wifey and I have been attending these prenatal classes at our hospital to, you know, figure out how to be better parents than Kourtney and Scott. They’ve been pretty hit and miss, with some classes being really interesting and others being really boring and uninformative.

One thing about these classes is that they’re really reminding me of lectures back in school. Back in school you had two basic types of people that make comments during a lecture: smart-asses and kiss-asses.

Now on the surface both types seem pretty similar in that they make dumb trolling comments, but there’s a way to distinguish between the two.

A smart-ass would mutter his or her quip under their breath or just loud enough for his or her friends to hear. Logic being that what’s being said is probably pretty snide and offensive, so you don’t want to be caught and get in trouble.


Kiss-asses on the other hand, want to be heard by the lecturer, and will make their “smart-ass” comment loud and audible. They want the lecturer and fellow classmates to perceive them as a joker and prankster. Of course, the comment will be very tame and likely very lame too, but they don’t realize that because they don’t have a well developed sense of humor.

Kiss-asses bug me. Their quest for fame and acceptance often does nothing more than drawing groans from their fellow students and delaying the lecture. And they usually follow up their comments with a smug look on their faces, and an undeserved sense of achievement.


Ducky from The Land Before Time

We have one sick kiss-ass in our class. She says really dumb things that nobody laughs at except the lecturer (and even then it’s a very awkward false laugh to avoid offending her), and does so with a demeanor that I can only describe as Ducky from The Land Before Time. She is very annoying, and every attention seeking action she performs seems to slow time. Her husband isn’t much better either.

Usually, the worst thing about kiss-asses in school is that they’re always in so much denial that they will never stop being annoying because they think everyone likes them. This one is actually worse because she’s in our class…

And that means she’s breeding.


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  1. The Secretary says:

    No matter where you go or what your doing, there will always be a kiss-ass. They are everywhere. School, electronic stores, work….there is always one.

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