400px-Spider_web_with_dew_dropsIt’s the dawn of a new day, and the sun is rising in the horizon. The sunlight glitters off the web of a little spider named Twiddles, who is happily putting up the finishing touches on her brand new web.

Suddenly, she notices a dew drop on her web start to shake and shimmer. She turns around and sees a large pompous pig with a pleated skirt and her ears tied up with red ribbons skipping along the path. The pig notices Twiddles and her web, and starts to grin.

Twiddles panics and starts trying to dissuade the pig by waving her little legs around, but the pig just nonchalantly steps through the web and destroys the spider’s hard work. She saunters off and flips her pigtails around in the air, leaving the poor little spider hanging on a single strand of web, sighing loudly to herself.

The next morning, Twiddles is once again putting up the finishing touches on her web. This time, she is also carefully laying out some twigs and leaves in her web.

The ground starts to shake again, and the pig approaches the web. Twiddles immediately starts pointing to the web, where she has used the twigs and leaves to create a caution sign. The pig ignores the sign, and smugly walks through the web, destroying Twiddles’ hard work again. Once again, she saunters off and flips her pigtails in the air.

This time, Twiddles narrows her tiny little eyes and scrunches up her face in anger. She swings on a strand of web over to a tree, where she finds a jet black strand of web. She uses her leg to start twanging a message in Morse code through the web. The vibrations travel up the black web, and eventually finds its way into a dark cave. Lots of creepy eyes start to glow red from within the dark cave.

The next morning, Twiddles is once again putting up the finishing touches on her web. This time, she has laid the twigs and leaves out to form a skull.

Charlotte's Web

“Stop, pig! Don’t ruin my web!”

When the pig arrives, Twiddles waves her legs around and pleads for the pig to stop. The pig laughs and bellows at the spider. She starts to kick up some dirt and dig her hooves into the ground, before launching into a dash towards the web.

However, a massive trapdoor spider pops out of a hidden hole in the ground and snatches the pig in a single motion, before retreating back into the hole as if the pig never existed.

The next morning, Twiddles has completed a new web, and this time there’s a smiley face design in the web. And to represent the eyes of the smiley, Twiddles has used some props in the form of two very familiar pig ears, sporting familiar red ribbons.

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    That was a scary one..I’d like to see it animated:)

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