That previous post got me thinking about that Harry Chapin song, which I might’ve mentioned scares the crap out of me. It’s not because it’s creepy or anything, but it’s like a deeper kind of scare… like being stuck down a path of irreparable failure.

I think it’s like zombie movies for me. Two kinds of horror movies scare the crap out of me: zombie movies and those involving ethereal spooks and Japanese girls in white dresses. Ethereal spooks and Japanese girls are just creepy mental images, but zombie movies scare me because of what they represent.

The fall of mankind is inevitable

The fall of mankind is inevitable

It’s not the zombies that are scary, but the inevitable breakdown of society. You can run from shambling zombies forever, but where are you going to run to? How long and how far can you run before you realize that you’re merely delaying the inevitable? There’s no salvation from the zombie apocalypse… everything and everyone you love will end and die. Life will never be the way you want it again!

See how quickly a city will fall!

See how quickly a city will fall!

Check out this incredible Java-powered simulation of a zombie outbreak by Kevan Davis and Matt Cordes and see how inevitable the fall of mankind is. It’s so awesome, and it’ll only take about 30 seconds before you start to gasp and panic.

Likewise, these songs aren’t scary because they have a choir singing spooky lyrics with atmospheric rumbling melodies… it’s because the represent something you really fear about life.

Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the Cradle

This song started scaring me the moment I went through puberty and realized that I could be a parent some day. Now that I’m definitely going to be one, it’s scarier than ever. I mean, if you mess up your relationship with your kid to this extent, what can you do?

There’s no time machine to help you. It’s not a videogame where you can just load an earlier saved game and try things differently. You only had one shot, and you blew it.

And that scares me!

Smokie – Living Next Door to Alice

Admittedly, this song is a lot less scary now that I’m happily married, but the theme of wasted opportunities can still apply to a lot of other aspects of your life. Every opportunity exists within a window, and if you miss it, you miss it.

Of course, if you do have a massive crush on the girl next door, there’s no better song to scare you straight than this one.

And here’s one last song that’s scary just because it’s spooky. No deeper meaning… it’s just spooky because prepubescent Anti-Christs are spooky.

Bad kid! Stop looking at me like that!

Bad kid! Stop looking at me like that!


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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    “..and Japanese girls are just creepy mental images” LOL:)
    I think you’re the first person I’ve heard of that thinks Living Next Door to Alice is a scary song, even though I must admit that I find Smokie a but scary myself:)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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