I was having dinner with some of my army pals the other night, and unlike my other friends, they’re actually my age or older than me (my other friends tend to be much younger than me).

Anyway, being more mature folks, we started talking about Paul Anka (the singer, not Lorelai’s dog), and specifically his song Diana. It never occurred to me before, but it’s actually quite a Cougar-ish song. I mean the whole “I’m so young and you’re so old” part says it all.

Cougar on the prowl!

So I figured I’d put together a little playlist of Cougar songs, because you know, what the hell. It’ll be fun.

I was going to include the most obvious choice, but Mrs Robinson doesn’t really count though, does it? I mean, the movie is the movie and all, but the song’s lyrics are really bland and don’t mention anything about younger guys at all. Yes, I’ll say it… I think this song is bland and I’ve never liked Simon and Garfunkel. Plus, it doesn’t have even have the saving grace of a Ludacris verse.

Any excuse for a Liz Phair picture!


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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

9 responses »

  1. Ha! Funny list. I love making lists of songs.

    If going the other way, Neil “Diamond’s Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” comes to mind.

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    Yeah! A cougar play list! Love it!!!!

  3. mistylayne says:

    I love that you just referenced Gilmore Girls!

  4. Cougarilla says:

    You can also check this french clip where cougar women rap on funny clichés 🙂

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