I was watching Some Kind of Wonderful with the wifey recently, and then it occurred to me that there was a song in it called “Miss Amanda Jones”, which bears the same name as one of the main characters. At first I thought it was a song specifically written for the film, but I’ve since figured out that the song is a cover of a Rolling Stones song and that the character was probably named after the song.

But it did trigger one big question: why did they stop writing songs for movies? I remember that movies would used to have at least one song on the soundtrack that was written specifically for it, like the Cure doing “Dredd Song” for the crappy 90s Judge Dredd movie, that song from Dirty Dancing, and even Mission Impossible II had a Limp Bizkit song written for it.

Nowadays, the only movies that keep this trend alive are musicals, movies that star either Will Smith or his son Jaden, and the James Bond movies, with Adele doing Skyfall for the latest one (read my review of the movie here).

Why? Would you save that much more money if movie studios do nothing but plunder the backlogs of their music label subsidiaries for the latest pop sensations?

Anyway, here are my five favorite movie soundtrack songs, written specifically for a movie. I’m going to avoid musicals and Disney movies, because quite frankly, that list would be gargantuan then.

I wanted to include Take My Breath Away from the Top Gun soundtrack too, but I wasn’t sure if that was written specifically for the movie or not.

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  1. My big question is when did TV shows stop having cool theme songs? It used to be that a catchy, memorable theme became part of a show’s identity, like Cheers or Star Trek. Now it’s just a barrage of sounds, or other people’s songs, like The Who with the CSI series. Wassup wif dat?

    • Drew says:

      I started watching a bit of Ally McBeal lately cos my wife is rewatching it, and I really like how Vhonda Shepherd’s songs are integrated into the show. It’s not just a random song they used for the credits, but it becomes, like you say, part of the show’s identity. I laughed out loud when a shrink asked Ally to choose a theme song for herself, and she sang the first two lines of the Vhonda Shepherd song.

      That said, I love the Veronica Mars and Bones theme songs.

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    Great five favorites..though I might also have included Top Gun Anthem:)

    • Drew says:

      Hahaha I thought the same, but I figured that the anthem is more of a soundtrack type of song (a la Hans Zimmer etc), rather than a sing-along with lyrics type of song.

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