Wifey came back from Bali last week, and there was this pretty cool photo of her at the beach. I’ve been meaning to try out some watercolor effects in Photoshop because a friend wants me to help him illustrate a children’s book for his kids, so I figured this would make a good test picture to learn some of the techniques.

I found a nice 10-step tutorial at this site, and after tinkering for an afternoon, I ended up with this:

My wifey, the surf bunny

This was done following pretty much the same steps as the tutorial, but with some added tinkering like breaking up the straight line of the beach to look a bit rougher, and masking out the painted effect on her face because that made her look a bit gronky.

You guys should try it out! It’s pretty simple to do, and it makes for a nice effect.

Next up, creating a cartoon butterfly!

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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