If you were playing videogames in the 80s and 90s, you’d probably be familiar with one of these things:

Contra Hard Corps

Image source: Ebay

Game cartridges, aka what they put games in before CD-ROMs became the standard.

Now if you’ve used game cartridges in your Sega or Nintendo, then you’ll know that every now and then, the console won’t read the cartridge properly. So what do you do?

You blow into it.

That’s right, blowing into your cartridge will somehow magically cause it to work properly, as if you were blowing into it with the healing breath of god or something.

Fast forward 15 years or so, and the scroll wheel in my brand new mouse decides to stop working after two weeks. So I email Logitech’s tech support, and they sent me a list of suggestions to try to fix it with:

  1. Try connecting the mouse on different USB ports to verify it is not a power issue.
  2. Try blowing off the dirt accumulated underneath the button which may caused this behavior using a compressed air/vacuum.
  3. Ensure that the scroll wheel is assigned with scroll functions on the Logitech Gaming Software.
  4. Try using the mouse on another computer to verify if the issue is hardware or system related.

Guess which solution fixed my mouse? That’s right, number 2, blowing into my mouse, fixed my scroll wheel. Not only will blowing fix videogame cartridges, but it will fix your mouse’s faulty scroll wheel too.

So when some piece of technology is not working, don’t panic. Just take a deep breath, and blow into it.

I know there’s probably a witty punchline for this post, but I’m not going to go down there.

However, here’s a picture of Sofia Vergara eating a banana.

Just Sofia Vergara eating a banana


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  1. DrDes says:

    lol, i remember having to do that for our old nintendo cartridges! sadly it came to a point when that tactic did not seem to work anymore!

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