You guys probably don’t know this, but my dog Sonic used to have a blog that he’d update pretty frequently. But as you can tell, I’ve been hogging the computer lately so poor Sonic’s blog hasn’t been updated much this year. It’s just too difficult to maintain so many different blogs, so I’m going to let Sonic write guest posts on mine instead.

Momma went away for a holiday again! And as usual, she’d spend the day before she leaves just moaning and complaining that she’ll miss me and have something called “separation anxiety”.

But you know what? I think my Humans are just a little bit too full of themselves. I mean, they just think that it’ll be the end of the world for them when they’re away from me. But have they thought about how us dogs feel?

I mean, I miss her lots too, you know? It’s not as if I’m all happy at home when she’s off somewhere else. And she’s got surfing and stuff to keep her busy, while it’s life as usual for me, with nothing to distract me from missing her.

In fact, I miss my Humans every single day when they go off to work. I know they think it’s a wonderful life for me to just eat and sleep and look cute all day long, but it’s hard work to look so cute all the time, especially when you miss your Humans, you know?

They always say that it’s just a few hours, but that’s just humans being so self-absorbed again. A few hours in human-time is like a billion years in dog-time! So if missing your Humans for a billion years every day that they’re at work is miserable, can you imagine how bad it is when they’re away for a human-week? It’s like, a billion gazillion years! I could be the oldest dog in the world by the time she gets back!

It’s hard to look cute when you miss your Humans.

Anyway, at least Pops is around this time. He has to work so he didn’t away with Momma, and Pops tends to stay home and spend time with me a lot when Momma is away. But still, I love Momma more, so I’m just going to stare at the door until she gets back.

The other day, I missed Momma so much that I cast a Summoning Spell while Pops was at work. A Summoning Spell is a bit of dog-magic I learned when I was a puppy. Basically, if you want to summon a human, you go to their usual area (like their bed or their desk), and you leave a Golden Offering there. Soon after, your human will appear! I’ve summoned Momma, Pops and Aunt Mainey tons of times doing this before.

This was the Golden Offering from the time I tried to summon Aunt Mainey.

Pops hates the Summoning Spell though (I think he feels less like an alpha to be summoned by me), so I made sure I used very little Golden Offerings this time to hide the spell from Pops. He almost didn’t notice it too, until he was lying near the corner of the bed this morning and smelled it.

Speaking of which, why do humans call that spray stuff Fur-breeze when it smells nothing like fur?

Oh well… back to looking cute.


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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

11 responses »

  1. Alvin says:

    LOL this is hilarious. Love dogs!

  2. zezil says:

    Oh my God, my favorite dog is backkkk! Cutie cutie cutie cutie!

  3. letizia says:

    Sonic is SO cute!!! (the “Summoning Spell” … so funny!)

    • drewpan says:

      I think he discovered the Summoning Spell when he was a puppy. Cos right now, he’s usually really well-behaved and will only pee when we take him outside for his pee breaks. However, when someone is not around (like my sister, who’s in Aus) he’ll pee in their rooms. It’s usually our bed though.

  4. Mitzie Mee says:

    Now that’s one cute dog!!! Is he named after Sonic the Hedgehog?

    • drewpan says:

      Yes he is! When we got him, my sister-in-law got his younger brother so together they’re Sonic and Knuckles. Our cousin named her dog Tails to make a matching set.

  5. As a lover of dogs…I thought this post was adorable!

    • Drew Pan says:

      Well do check back for more! I’m thinking of helping my dog post a regular “Sonic Says” column on Saturdays or something. Sonic Says Saturday… I have a thing for alliteration.

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