I follow E! on Twitter because I like my dose of celebrity gossip and entertainment news, and one thing I notice on E! is that they like to tweet about Kim Kardashian and her sisters a lot. That’s understandable, because they’re stars of a TV show on the E! network and obviously they have logical reasons for wanting to build their celebrity power a lot.

Click on the link, and it’s often really inane and banal things, like “Kim Kardashian tweets a picture of herself before going to bed” or “Kim Kardashian pumps gas in a bikini”, and the text will likely offer not much more than a picture and a 2-paragraph story that’s summed up by “Wow she is so hot. Don’t you want to be her?”

Kim Kardashian tweet pearls

Kim Kardashian tweeting a photo before she goes to bed… in pearls

But what’s really interesting are the comments that appear under the story. Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see hordes and hordes of haters flooding the post with comments like “She is such a fake piece of trash.” or “Kim KarTRASHian is so worthless.”

Occasionally there’ll be a supporter who will say “Don’t read these stories if you don’t like her, hater! I think she’s fabulous! I love you, Kim!” but the significant majority of the comments come from people who dislike Kim… and it’s a frighteningly huge amount.

It seems like Kim Kardashian really embodies the phrase “Someone you love to hate” and it has resulted in a crap-load of hits for E!, whether it’s from fans or haters.

random tweet kim kardashian

Completely random self photo-tweet of Kim Kardashian

Now as a blogger, would you rather run a well-respected and lightly-visited blog or would you want to have the Kim Kardashian effect? Would it matter to you if your visitors hurl abuse at you, as long as they keep coming back and racking up your blog hits?

Or maybe you’re a character in a Twilight fan-fiction and your inner goddess totally gets off on the abuse.

PS Sorry for the lack of updates recently… I’ve been hard at work on my Tegan and Sara video, and I think it’s probably going to get done pretty soon!

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I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. zezil says:

    I think Id prefer the blog less hurled at. Haha. :b

  2. jazmynand says:

    It’s a catch 22. I think at some point I would want my blog or project or whatever it is to reach a level of success and whether or not people like her or hate her, she definitely is someone that people are curious about even the ones that hate her. It’s unfortunate that there are so many negative comments and banter but people are going to “hate” and feel how they feel… Unless comments are disabled you can’t.control what people decide to say. At the end of the day if she is making ratings improve and they choose to capitalize on that then so be it

    • drewpan says:

      It’s just relative to the numbers, I guess. I mean, let’s say 10% of your readers are negative. You get 10 comments a day (which is already more than what I get), and only 1 is negative. You can handle that. But if you have 10,000 hits a day, that’s 1000 people telling you that you suck on a daily basis.

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