The other day I wrote a post that I decided not to publish at the last minute, because I felt that it was kind of “ranty”. It was about an inconsiderate woman at the supermarket who brought a trolley-load of groceries to the express line, and the cashier who couldn’t care enough to stop her or point it out to her.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about publishing this post. In fact, most of my posts would’ve been rants like that.

I was an angry kid!

You see, I first started really writing back in high school, where I wrote these angry screenplays that were thinly disguised jabs at the assholes in my life. That led onto these mass-emails I sent to my friends which were equally ranty.

Now that was cool then, because everyone was equally angst-ridden and would be all Spartacus-like in their “Yeah that guy’s a prick” cheers. Actually, when I started the Revo-Emag blog in 2010, I had the overall tone of it going in that direction too – Wifey said that angry writing was incredibly passe, but I was trying to attract the usual angry high school kid crowd at the time.

But now, I don’t really want to be that angry writer anymore. I’m trying to be a “writer”, and actually work on refining my skill with words. I’m not denying that it takes skill to powerfully convey angry emotions in a way that incites people (Eminem and Marilyn Manson are absolute geniuses like that), but I’ve been doing that too much, so I think it’ll be good to try other things.

For all his weirdness, this guy is a lyrical genius

So these days I try to make sure that everything I write has some deeper meaning to it, rather than just an expression of anger and other raw emotions mixed with some bad jokes. By deeper meaning, I don’t mean it has to be immensely profound or anything… but it’s got to mean more than just “today I was really angry at this person because they did this.”

I don’t know if it would make me a better writer or anything, but I do feel that it would give my writing more depth and purpose. Like, I want to express and share ideas… I can still pour random emotions in there, but it has to serve some purpose.

Maybe I won’t get there. Maybe I won’t even be able to sound intelligent, and I’ll end up more like someone trying to be a pseudo-intellectual snob. Or maybe I’ll just be hit with extreme writer’s block because all I’m ever good for is angry rants and fart jokes.

But I’m going to give it a shot. Cos I’d like to write things that will make someone say “I know exactly how that guy is feeling” or “hmmm… that’s something to really think about.”

After all, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t start writing so that someone who reads my stuff will say “I hate those elevator farts too”.

So for now, I’m going to write, and not rant. Let’s hope it works out!


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. paralaxvu says:

    Good for you! Wish I could promise the same thing, but I have too many years ahead of you and too few years left to get out everything that needs getting out. I have, however, greatly decreased my use of the f- word;-)

  2. Perhaps, you will need to change the heading of your blog and take out the words “soapbox” and “rants”? hehe.

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