Gonna borrow a post from my Revo-Emag blog because the post I had previously prepared, well… kinda sucked. Anyway, I honestly couldn’t decide which blog this post is better suited for, so I guess putting it in both can be okay. Here goes:

Some Kind of Wonderful – an 80s classic

The dreaded Friend Zone – bane of love-struck romantics everywhere.

The concept of the Friend Zone needs no explanation, but like every other concept that needs no explanation, I’m going to explain it anyway.

If you like someone as more than a friend, but they give you some bullshit excuse that your friendship is too important to them to risk a relationship for, then like the many other unfortunate victims in the world, you’ve been friend-zoned.

Generally speaking, once you’ve been friend-zoned, there’s just no way out. You either cut your losses and find someone else to lavish your affections on, or your heart and soul will slowly bleed away until you’re nothing more than a sad pathetic husk.

But wait, there is some hope for the hopeless! For back in the 80s, there was this delightful John Hughes teen comedy called Some Kind of Wonderful, and it depicted someone breaking free of the Friend Zone.

Her name was Watts (played by Mary Stuart Masterson), and she went from being a best friend to a girlfriend.

Watts, as played by Mary Stuart Masterson

What was great about this story is that Keith (played by Eric Stoltz), the boy that Watts was totally in love with, didn’t pick Watts because he couldn’t make it to the big leagues with Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson, aka Marty McFly’s mom) – he won the heart of the hottest girl in school, but then miraculously realized that Watts was the one for him.

Watts was not the second prize.

How do you compete with dat ass?

Furthermore, it wasn’t because Amanda Jones turned out to be some flaky or shallow girl or something – she was quite a nice girl and everything. John Hughes could’ve gone the easy route and made Amanda Jones a bitch once you get to know her, but he didn’t. Keith simply realized that Watts was the right one for him.

Watts was not the back-up plan.

So why did Keith decide in the end that Watts was the one for him? Because she was always there for him. They had amazing chemistry together, and were already best of friends. And well, she’s pretty hot in a cute spunky sorta way too.

Maybe it’s a bit unrealistic that someone could have broken out of the Friend-zone like that, but hey, there are a ton of rom-coms out there where less likely relationships have formed. And that’s why this film is so important: it gives you hope!

And that is why I think Watts is the Patron Saint of the Friend-zoned.

Watts – the Patron Saint of the terminally Friend-zoned

I don’t know about you, but I would’ve just picked Watts in the first place. It would’ve made for a much less interesting movie, but you don’t always need emotional trauma and conflict in your life.

BTW, this is such an awesome scene that will break friend-zoned hearts everywhere:


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