I’m actually trying to cut down on celebrity gossip, but my wife said the funniest thing about the whole Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison affair, so I just had to Photoshop something together and put it up.

Basically, I told her about Kristen Stewart cheating on her long-term boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders, the director of K-Stew’s other movie Snow White. She then said that Kristen Stewart would actually be the perfect cheater. Why?

Because her face is incapable of revealing any emotion!

I don’t like either K-Stew or RPatz much or anything, but I hope they work things out. They’re just kids after all.


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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. Emma Robson says:

    I really like the theory that their whole relationship is make-believe, and this current drama is just another part of the fabrication. I choose to believe *that*.

  2. funny!!!
    drew, now why would you ever want to cut down on the celebrity gossip? It’s so vastly entertaining!

    • drewpan says:

      Part of my old job involved trawling the internet for celebrity gossip… I’m hoping to let that part of my life drift away ahahaha! It’s such a time sink!

  3. I find this scandal fascinating because it’s so public. All the details are out in the open. Surprised that she cheated with a man though…

  4. paralaxvu says:

    She just might be a formidable poker opponent, though;-)

  5. savanahprose says:

    For a minute there I thought you were saying that she changes her makeup and hair for her director, but then I realized it’s about her never-changing facial expression. Bahahah!

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