Something I like to do is rescue snails from the pavement. If I see a snail on the pavement or on the road, I’ll pick it up and move it over the safety of the grass, where it won’t be stepped on by someone preoccupied with Angry Birds on their phone.

This morning, I saw one such snail and when I picked it up, it just let go of the ground and I was able to successfully move it to the grassy field on the other side of a drain. Maybe I had accidentally moved it back to where it started from, but there was nothing on the other side for you, Mr Snail. It’s just a dangerous road where you’re going to get run over by a car!

However, not all snails can let go as easily as this one. On many occasions, I’ve come across snails that would just stubbornly cling onto the ground… their suction capabilities are incredible! It’s a million times better than those rubber darts that can never cling onto windows as well as you want them to.

So after tugging at their shells for a while, I’d give up because if I pull any harder I’ll probably end up ripping the shell right off the snail and sever some important tendons or nerves or something (note that I know nothing about a snail’s physiology). After encountering a few of these snails, I learned something.

Some snails just don’t want to be saved.

Despite all your best intentions and efforts, these snails will just want to cling stubbornly onto the ground and resist you. Why? Because they don’t want help. They’ve got a path in mind and even though you know it’s going to lead to impending doom, they want to crawl that path.

What can you do? You could be equally stubborn and insist on helping them, and possibly rip their shell off in the process… or you can just walk. There are other snails out there for you to save.

Actually, there are caterpillars too. Every morning when I’m heading to work, I’ll see plenty of caterpillars outside the train station, squashed and unsquashed. I’ll do my best to avoid them, but really you can’t save them all, can you?

Speaking of caterpillars… someone told me that they’re afraid of flying bugs like butterflies. So I asked about caterpillars, which are ground-based bugs but destined to become butterflies. That’s a Minority Report-esque conundrum right there!

“Do I kill this caterpillar, knowing that it might eventually become a butterfly?”

Anyway, the answer was a grim one, so caterpillars beware!


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. Mike says:

    Hahaahahahah deep material! R.i.p dumb snails

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