So recently, I started playing World of Warcraft again after going cold turkey for about 4 years. And you know what? It’s still an amazing game!

Hopefully my increased freelance workload and other factors like my beautiful wifey and doggie will prevent me from getting ridiculously addicted to it again.

Here’s my Worgen Druid, taste testing wifey’s cupcakes.

But it’s not all killing creatures and questing in the World of Warcraft. Just last night, I was questing with one of my old friends and also getting cupcake baking tips from him to help wifey with her own adventures in the kitchen.

Yes, that’s right… this friend of mine (who’s probably too shy to want to have his name mentioned) was simultaneously helping me level my in-game character and my wifey’s real-life baking skills at the same time. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Apparently, you need some extra icing sugar if your frosting’s a bit runny

Killing monsters, looting gold, AND improving your cupcake baking skills… not bad for one night’s worth of adventures!

PS Check out my wifey’s lychee cupcakes! I don’t see why she needs more advice, because I think they taste great just as they are!

Wifey’s lychee cupcakes

About Drew

I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. letizia says:

    that lychee cupcake looks delicious!!!!!

  2. paralaxvu says:

    The last game I played was Dungeons and Dragons in, let’s see, 1985 or so. I guess I’m out of the loop a little;-)

    • drewpan says:

      Dungeons and Dragons is awesome! I just interviewed a couple of videogame industry people for an article, and D&D seems to be a common starter for them.

      Recently, I met a guy who has a D20 that lights up when you roll a natural 20!

  3. I played World of Warcraft for three hours. But it only felt like two minutes and I didn’t move or get up to stretch once. That’s when I knew I couldn’t play the game without becoming a total couch potato crazy person. So, I haven’t played it since.

    I do still eat cupcakes quite frequently.

    • drewpan says:

      I have to say, that’s probably a very good move on your part! It is an incredibly well-designed and addictive game that can destroy social lives and healthy bodies!

  4. Dr Des says:

    What do you mean you don’t like cupcakes? There is something wrong with you!

    • drewpan says:

      I don’t normally like cupcakes… I’ve had too many experiences with dry ones that cling to my throat and cause me to gag long after I’ve eaten them.

  5. zezil says:

    I think I will agree with Dr Des..

    The cupcake looks yummy! =)))

  6. Dr Des says:

    You just need to eat the right cupcake! Fluffy, moist and light 🙂

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