I’m not really a shoe guy. Unlike some of my friends or my wife, I have a very minimal shoe collection and I generally don’t browse shoe stores or websites for cool shoes.

But there was one pair of shoes that was really special to me – the very first pair of shoes that I absolutely adored and cherished. And these were the Globe RMS3s that I bought while I was 22.

The legendary Globe RMS3 shoes. Comfort +4

I loved these shoes so much. Firstly, they’re like some kind of signature pair from my favorite pro skaterboarder Rodney Mullen. While that might be the reason I sought them out in the first place, the reason I loved them so much was because they were unbelievably comfortable. Unbelievable comfortable!

Up until that point I was wearing this pair of purple Converse All-Stars. As you know, Converse All-stars, while iconic in its design, offer about as much support for your feet as a pair of hardened unwashed socks. The thick puffiness of the RMS3s was like a godsend for my poor aching feet! Since these shoes, I’ve developed a great fondness for Globe shoes, all of which share that “puffy” look.

Then came adulthood.

Now one thing about adulthood is that you need to wear uncomfortable shoes. You can’t go into some investment firm’s office without wearing some leather shoes that make your feet feel like you’re a little girl in ancient China with bound feet, just waiting to be sold off to the highest bidder – you certainly can’t wear some comfortable skatey shoes.

I tried the whole leather shoe thing before once. When I started out as a magazine writer, I showed up to work in a shirt-shirt, dress pants, and those dreaded leather shoes. I felt so uncomfortable and constricted, and I looked forward to running home and kicking off my shoes every day.

Seriously, kicking off my shoes gave me such a feeling of instant relief… like popping a stubborn pimple or resurfacing after having your head forcefully shoved underwater until your lungs are on fire.

Are you instantly a more mature person if you wear these?

But as time went on, I managed to find jobs that allowed me to keep wearing my puffy shoes. I’d wear a shirt-shirt, and sometimes even a tie to go with, but at the very least I’d still be hopping along in my comfy puffy shoes.

Maybe these aren’t jobs in investment or law firms or anything, but they’re still proper jobs nevertheless. Maybe I didn’t make as much money as someone in those industries, but I still worked hard and made an honest living.

I still wear my icky dress shoes on occasion – like a friend’s wedding or… well, another friend’s wedding; I’ll play the part of a sensible adult when I have to.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I think growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up your puffy shoes. Wearing puffy shoes doesn’t mean you’re still an immature child who hasn’t come to accept the harsh realities of life.

It’s just a pair of shoes – it does not dictate what kind of person you are! So wear whatever shoes you want!

What I wear to work these days


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  1. paralaxvu says:

    Boy, I hope they have puffy shoes for females! With high arches and a narrow foot, I find tennies an almost unknown product…Saucony isn’t bad, but there’s gotta be a better, puffier shoe out there for me. Going searching now, thanks to you…they just might be in sight! PS: I wouldn’t wear those adult male shoes even to my best friend’s wedding…puffies forever and always and with everything!

    • drewpan says:

      Hahahah! Good luck with the search! Long live the puffy shoes!

    • Jepiner says:

      hi paralaxvu! I think I found something like that at a mall…puffy running shoes with high arches and a narrow foot. I think those shoes has something to do with the stance with high arches and a relief for those who have back issues and the likes. 🙂

      • paralaxvu says:

        Yep, show me a person with high arches and narrow feet and I’ll show you a person with back issues and the like! Seriously, where are they?

      • Jepiner says:

        I found them in a mall at Singapore. If I am not mistaken, it’s in Suntec. I forgot the brand, but it was designed with high arches but still comfortable with the feet.

  2. Jepiner says:

    hi drew! I so agree with you…you cannot measure one’s maturity with the shoes he/she wears. It’s all for the sake of comfort before fashion. After all, one should always look after oneself and one’s health right? 🙂

  3. sarcasmjew says:

    Oh man, this post brought a sense of nostalgia back. When I was between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, my mom would always buy me puffy skateboarding shoes. They were the greatest things ever to surface Earth. However, SPORTS happened! (Not like it was a bad thing.) And well, I started to play tennis and my trainer required me to wear tennis shoes. I went through countless pairs before I found these Filas. These tennis shoes were probably the ugliest pair of tennis shoes ever because of how puffy they were. But they were flat footed compatible, thus making them my best friends. The shoes lasted for about 5 years which is pretty long for sports shoes. When I had to throw them out, I went to the tennis store and decided to purchase them again. This particular line of puffy tennis shoes was discontinued (T_T). I then heard about Addidas releasing a new line of tennis shoes called the Barricade series. These were not as puffy as the Filas, but the initial line of these shoes was incredibly comfortable. I felt like I was hovering above ground while playing tennis with these shoes. They were fantastic. The last pair I had lasted for about 5-6 years. I came back to the store to see if they had them and was surprised to find out that Addidas had discontinued that particular model of the Barricade series (Why does this happen?????) So I find out that Addidas had released a newer version of the Barricade but this time it was not for flat footed people. Heartbroken and betrayed by the tennis shoe industry, I resorted to getting a cheap pair of New Balances which lasted for a couple of months. Not having played tennis for almost 4 years, my friend recently bought a pair of Airwalks which reminded me of when I was kid and so I am contemplating on getting those or the ones you mentioned.

  4. […] while back, you guys might remember I posted about how much I love my puffy skate shoes, and the immense satisfaction I had for not needing to wear leather shoes to work in any of my […]

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