I was doing some work when a couple of songs popped up on my playlist which really made me go WTF? One is Avril Lavigne’s Nobody’s Fool, and the other is Weezer’s Everybody Get Dangerous.

Now, the fact that I have these on my computer means that I like both artists, but seriously, what were they thinking when they did these songs? They sound so… I dunno, the most appropriate term I can come up with is “silly”.

I understand that artists like to mix up their musical styles to be a bit different and expand their horizons. But while it works for some people like Justin Timberlake, it’s just kinda bad for others. My question is, why aren’t these songs B-sides instead?

And seriously what does “I’m not the milk and cheerios in your spoon. It’s not a simple hearing but not so soon” mean, Avril? That line really makes no sense whatsoever.

Milk and cheerios and a spoon, Avril is not you!

Anyway, just for good measure, here’s Paula Cole, who did the theme song for Dawson’s Creek (which I like), doing her rap experimentation. It just doesn’t sound right.



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  1. paralaxvu says:

    Ummm, here goes…As a 67-year-old white female who grew up first on Broadway musicals and 40s swing and jazz (older brothers), went to Elvis Presley then the Beatles and loved acid rock, I can agree with you that the above songs are pretty bad. But then I haven’t found any rap that I would consider music. I love country–real, old Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline country, not the pop country that passes as country these days. But I dislike rap. Actually, I dislike anything since “they” decided melody was optional. But then I really never liked blank verse, either, so you see where my tastes skew. I like your posts, and I’d meet you for coffee, but I think it better be in the park;-)

    • drewpan says:

      I can totally understand that rap isn’t something for everybody though. I honestly only like some of it, because of the cleverness of their lyrics, or the raw emotion that can sometimes come out of it.

      That said, I have no idea why I like heavy metal so much.

  2. A says:

    It’s not as simple as, “here we go,” not so soon


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