I’ve been wanting to make a habit out of going for morning runs before work… but a combination of late nights spent writing press releases and/or watching The West Wing with the wifey has prevented that from happening.

A couple of times I’ve almost managed to do it, but when I peer out the window and it’s pitch-black I’m just like “wow I can sleep in a bit more.” And by the time the sun does come up, it’s time to get ready for work already.

But today, I did it!

I got out of bed, went out into the darkness, and ran. And one thing that I noticed was that the sky got brighter as I ran, and I realized I was doing that romanticized notion of running at the break of dawn!

Image source: Corbis

Did I experience some sort of spiritual cleansing as the first rays of sun melted the stress and insecurity from my body? Did an epic horn-driven soundtrack suddenly blare out to welcome the dawn of a new age of fitness?

Not really.

I learned a long time ago that there are two times of the day that filmmakers hate filming in: sunrise and sunset. The reason being, there is a very small window of opportunity to shoot during these times, and to film any extended scenes set during sunrise or sunset will require several days of shooting.

It’s no different for a run. One moment, you’re running in the dark. The next thing you know, the sky has brightened and changed, but you’re still the same.

In fact, a sunrise in near the equator (like I am) only lasts 2 mins, which isn’t much time to be hit with any enlightened revelations or transcend your state of being.

So if you want to experience the magic of running at the break of dawn, you can do it too with just a few easy steps:

  1. Find out when the sun is rising the next day.
  2. Be on the street about a few minutes before sunrise.
  3. Run to the end of the street, and then run back.
  4. Marvel at how the sky gets brighter during sunrise.
  5. Share your “I was running during a sunrise” anecdote with all your friends.

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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

10 responses »

  1. At least you got out and ran!

  2. LOL…I ran at the breaking of dawn today and hey! It was not just down the street and back!

    • drewpan says:

      You must have a much longer sunrise than we do here in Singapore! I ran again this morning, and it felt even shorter… probably because it was raining a bit and overcast.

  3. meladjusted says:

    I drive the kids to school in the mornings at dawn – well these days anyway – the sun is only rising at 07h20! It’s beautiful, there’s a mist that hangs over the everglade that changes colour from grey to pink to yellow and finally dissipates as the sun warms it up!

    I’m a morning person and so are the offspring, we listen to the surf report on the local radio and in the afternoons we get to go and at least see the sea if not swim in it.

    It’s divine – we are lucky fishes!

  4. Addie says:

    Running? Who am I kidding? The only thing I can run is my blog. 😛

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