I think I’m a pretty happy guy. I tend to bitch about a lot of things, but overall I think I’m pretty happy.

One of my favorite times of the day is actually the five minute walk between the train station and my workplace. Like this morning, when I was plugged into my earphones and my tunes, and I had a bounce in my step.

I know I had a bounce in my step, not because I’m an animator and I’m supposed to study the way different people walk and stuff, but because I wanted to walk with a bounce in my step as an expression of my joy. No kidding!

People around me are sulking and dragging their feet, but I’m walking at 1.5x speed, like I’m in a Charlie Chaplin movie or something.

Walk like Charlie Chaplin!

It’s not because I’m extremely eager to get to work or anything (although I do love my job), but it’s because I just want that extra feeling of speed and liveliness. I’ve got Tegan and Sara playing in my ears, and I’m simply not satisfied with dragging my feet. I wanna feel that little bit of extra breeze against my face, and I want to bounce a bit.

I realize that it might look incredibly douchey to be bouncing and strutting to work, but if some jerk wants to resent me for being happy, then he deserves his unhappiness. I didn’t win the lottery or anything… I’m just happy for what I’ve got right now:

Good music, a job that I enjoy, and a wonderful wife and dog that I’ll see at the end of the day. What else do I need?

Well, getting the Diablo 3 servers to actually work during those rare times when I try to log in would be nice… but not entirely necessary.


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. zezil says:

    Drew as…..Mr. Bounce! =)

  2. Cara Olsen says:

    Drew, are/were you a Friends fan? If not, this won’t mean anything. But there is an episode where Phoebe asks Rachel if she can join her for a run in the park. Rachel agrees, only to be horrified by Phoebe’s “style” of running. The best way to describe it: as if a very big dog or psychopath is chasing close behind her. Good stuff.

    I say skip, sing, click your heels and cherish every moment you are given. There are plenty of moments where we will be forced into sadness; the ones we aren’t, we must make the most of.

    Blessings to you, Drew!

    ~ Cara

  3. meladjusted says:

    It’s so sad that being happy became uncool – I blame the goths! I’m annoyingly happy – it’s my default setting.

    Mr Bounce – indeed 😉

    • drewpan says:

      I used to looooove goths! I have happy memories of lurking around in my big black long coat. Hahah isn’t that ironic? Pleasant memories of being kinda gothy.

      • meladjusted says:

        Yes – that is utterly ironic! I too had a big coat – but the darkest I could go was a kind of gunmetal grey – even then I failed at looking gloomy.

      • drewpan says:

        I was told that I was this really bitter and antisocial guy before hahahaha! I guess I kinda was, and maybe still am sometimes.

        My wardrobe has also gone from all black to hardly any black now – I love wearing cheery colors! But that could also be because of a recurring dandruff problem hahaha!

      • meladjusted says:

        Hahahahaha – well you seem to have found a better balance now in the Personality Department.

        From what can be gleaned from Blog Land at any rate.

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