An old friend I haven’t seen in 8 years was in town recently, so we did a lot of chatting and catching up. We were talking about this writer in the local newspaper who is a complete ditz who likes to fill her word count quota with incoherent babbling and opinions she stole from Reddit… and I caught myself referring to her as “ugly”.

At first we were like “well, that’s a pretty shallow thing to say,” but we continued down that tangent to discuss how looks affect our perception of a person.

I know I’m not particularly attractive, and I’ve got lots of friends who are not particularly attractive either, but their looks have never crossed my mind, and I’ve never avoided someone based purely on their appearance.

Khloe might not be as good looking or skinny as Kim or Kourtney, but her personality makes her the most attractive.

But when it comes to someone that’s conniving, has a shitty holier-than-thou attitude, or is just plain snarky and mean, you’ll tend to focus on every one of their negative traits – including their looks. Their wonky asymmetrical eyes suddenly becomes really apparent, and that way they just naturally leave their mouth slightly open by default as if they were Scooby Doo becomes the most irritating thing in the world.

Like Adele for instance. I don’t think anyone really cares about her appearance at all… but if you Google “Adele annoying” you’ll find a lot of posts that include the phrase “fat cow” or something similar.  I’m sure they don’t really care about her weight, but it’s just another way for them to express their dislike of Adele. The same people probably laud Khloe Kardashian, whose BMI rating isn’t exactly on the healthy side either.

And it’s the same with attractive people. I don’t agree with the notion that people are resentful of all attractive people because of their looks, because I think most people don’t really care. It’s the good looking assholes that think they can get away with anything that anger people.

People like Megan Fox, who thinks that being good looking is the same as being a talented actor.

Megan Fox, the patron saint of Bitch-faces everywhere

Maybe more so, even. Like, say you’ve got an average-looking asshole. You resent and dislike this person for being an asshole. But if this asshole were say, really ugly or really good looking, I’m going to hazard a guess that your dislike for this asshole will be amplified. You’ll zoom in on all their physical imperfections (or lack thereof), and resent them even more.

Think about it: if Megan Fox didn’t have her magazine cover looks, would you find her as annoying?


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  1. Alvin says:

    The first few beautiful girls I met who were real bitches inside pretty much killed off the notion for me that outer beauty equaled inner beauty.

    I think it’s the difference between beauty and attractiveness – some people are average in the looks department but there’s just something about their personality that shines through, and that’s attractive.

    • drewpan says:

      “Beauty” Ah the whole time I was writing that post I knew I was missing a word to match up to “attractiveness”… and beauty was that word hahaha!

      Yeah, you’re right… there is a huge difference between beauty and attractiveness, and it’s inherent in people blessed with physical beauty who assume they’re also attractive… but they’re not!

  2. awesome!!! you’re right on with your comments here, drew. some of the best looking people I know are also some of the biggest douchebags. and while I can’t stand Adele (as you know), I would never insult her because of her weight. I would insult her because she’s a whining cry-baby, not because she’s grossly obese.

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