I haven’t posted any animations here for ages, and that’s probably cos it’s all been work stuff recently. I had an afternoon of downtime last week though, so I started checking out some 2D animations, mainly the ones from King of Fighters XIII. The animations in this game are amazing!

I came across the updated Mai Shiranui attack pose animation, and that one caught my eye for obvious reasons hahahaha! You can probably see why:

Mai's idle stance animation

In case you’ve never played the King of Fighters series, Mai is pretty much famous for being unnecessarily and unbelievably large-breasted. Anyway, I thought I’d work on my secondary animations by trying to emulate this animation using the Alice rig – a female rig that has controls for boob bouncing (and even butt jiggles – maybe I’ll try using those when I try to animate a hip-hop music video or something). But Alice is like an older female character, and I thought it’d be pretty funny to use her to emulate Mai.

So I spent about 3-4 hours on this, and do you know what I’ve learned? Boob bounces are incredibly difficult to animate! Of those 4 hours, at least 2 were spent trying to get the boobs to look even remotely realistic. I originally applied bouncing ball principles to the boobs, but on further experimentation and some advice from a colleague, I figured their movement arcs were more akin to that of a pendulum.

Anyway, I found it incredibly difficult to get right (and I don’t think I ever did get it right either – it still looks too floaty and slo-moey to me)… and that gives me new-found respect for the animators working on the new Dead or Alive 5 videogame, where the boob bounciness is now determined by specific costumes (ie less bounce with sports bras and corsets).

Ah well!


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7 responses »

  1. wow … they’re kinda hypnotic!!!

  2. Alvin says:

    You just need to do more research! That’s what porn is for anyway! Research!

  3. Joe says:

    For some reason, women I know who see this just go OH MY GOD THAT LOOKS SO PAINFUL. Apparently, support is important, and doing what she’s doing feels about like getting kicked in the balls repeatedly must feel for men.

    • drewpan says:

      Hahaha yeah I know, right? I guess most guys will never ever know just how painful breasts can be.

      I remember this line from a Red Dwarf novel that a body-switching guy thought he was in a body that had bad cardiovascular strength because his chest hurt so much from running, only to realize that it was from the unsupported breasts bouncing up and down.

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