The other night, I was watching Ghost in the Shell again with my dog Sonic (wifey was there too, but she had her nose buried in her Kindle). If you haven’t seen Ghost in the Shell, you should – it is not just an amazing animated film, it’s an amazing film. Here’s the best trailer I could find on YouTube (created by a fan, no less).

The basic plot of Ghost in the Shell revolves around an elite cyborg unit’s attempt to apprehend a master hacker known as the Puppet Master – who can not only hack into computers, but into your brain too. During the case, the cyborg agents starts to question their own humanity, and the possibility of not only artificial intelligence, but the possibility of a life form created in cyberspace.

Themes like this have been a long favorite of science fiction films for like, forever. Movies like Blade Runner, Bicentennial Man, AI, and even I, Robot pose the question that if we develop intelligent robots that think and look like humans, how then can people distinguish themselves from these synthetics? What does it mean to be human?

If it looks and acts human, is it still a machine?

It’s one of those philosophical questions that’s fun to discuss and debate with geeky friends, and it’s one of those debates that I can easily leave unanswered because I don’t really need to figure it out since I’m not a computer scientist or anything.

But when the movie ended, Sonic looked at me and asked: “Pops, I know I’m a dog because I have two ears and a nose,” (my dog thinks the defining features of a dog is to have two ears and a nose, because all dogs have two ears and a nose), “but what if I had my brain put into a human’s body? Would I be a human then? What do you have that makes you a human?”

Sonic sleeping

Does this look like a dog that's paying attention to a slow-paced sci-fi movie?

Now that question just floored me, because I was unprepared for a question like that from Sonic. I didn’t even think he was paying attention during the movie, because he looked like he was sleeping most of the time.

Sonic then went on and cited Squarepusher’s Come on my Selector music video as a case when a dog and human switched brains. Using one of my favorite music videos to stump me…  What a smart-ass!

I avoided the question by reminding him that he’d still need to reach level 80 first (we convinced him once that his uncle Dave used to be a sheepdog before he reached level 80 and became human), but in my head I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

If you switched a dog and a human’s brains, who would then be the dog and who would be the human? Is their physical body the defining factor, or is it their intelligence? And if it’s their intelligence, then can you really distinguish between a dog and a human’s thought process?

Yes, dogs and humans think differently. But I daresay that most humans think pretty differently from each other too. I’m sure my thought processes are in no way similar to Einstein’s or Will Wright’s (creator of SimCity and The Sims). So why should it make a difference then if a dog and a human think differently?

Some might argue that humans have bigger brains and are therefore more intelligent than dogs – thus you can’t just put a dog’s brain into a human body and define him as being human. However, I know for a fact that my dog (who isn’t even the smartest dog in the world) is more intelligent than some humans I know. He’s probably even got a more comprehensive set of morals and acts more humane than a lot of humans.

You can't irrefutably prove that these humans are more intelligent than my dog

But even so, the argument for a being’s brain and intelligence as the defining factor of their identity kinda gets hazy when it’s flipped around. If you put a human brain in a dog’s body, is this person now a dog or a human? I mean, if such a switch was made, I really doubt any current government would grant this dog-with-a-human-brain the same rights as it would other humans.

So what makes a human human? What makes a dog a dog? If you have some answers, please do share them so that I’ll have something to say to Sonic if he brings up the subject again.

By the way, I was listening to a recording of the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack being performed live while writing this post. Check it out; it’s insanely profound.

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I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. Does the physical shell define the spirit? Or do the actions the spirit chooses to carry out with its vessel define what it is? If it’s the latter, some of our animal friends might well be more humane than some of us humans will ever be… If actions define what you are, would a human acting like an wild animal be called as such?

    If brain-transplanting is feasible (organ-rejection issues aside), the brain might have an effect on how the body works and vice versa. So then, would adaptation and reprogramming occur in order for survival in this new body? With the limited capabilites of each body (be it human, canine or otherwise), would this pseudo-human/animal work the body the same way as a real human/animal?

    I guess there’s no definite answer, just lots of hard thinking.
    This was really fun to ponder over 🙂

    • drewpan says:

      Actually that does bring up a good point. Because of sci-fi novels and philosophical movies like Freaky Friday, Humans are more exposed to the concept of body-swapping, and might be more accepting of the situation should it occur. This concept would be totally alien to a dog though, so its brain might just completely freak out in a new body and perspective of the world.

      • Then, I wonder if dogs watch enough Sci-Fi movies with their human ‘parents’, would they be more accepting of it? Do dogs dream of being human in their dreams? We’ll continue to wonder foreverrr hahaha

  2. Addie says:

    Pft. You see that’s exactly why I only visit my dog twice a month (we don’t live together. Long story.). It’s those philosophical questions that my Jord throws at me and never fail to leave me dumbfounded, mouth hanging open.

    Very wise, Sonic. And very cute, too.

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