When people talk about viruses these days, they’ll probably talk about phishing viruses that try to steal your personal information, credit card details, and other really nasty things like that. Or those attachments that people click, which would then hack into their address book and send bogus emails to their friends.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but back in the 90’s, viruses were really quite different. They weren’t designed to unleash a whole bunch of pop-ups on your browser, or steal money from you – these viruses were just made by angry people who want to mess your computer up.

It's pretty scary to see something like this pop up

Off the top of my head, I remember viruses like the Slow, Stoned, and the Michelangelo. The Stoned virus doesn’t really do that much – it makes your DOS randomly say “Your PC is now Stoned!” but the Michelangelo will cause you to lose data.

This was of course, back when people still used floppy disks, so I remember obsessively scanning every disk I received from friends, just in case there was a virus in there. That behavior came from having contracted a couple of computer viruses before – a rude and shocking introduction to the concept of computer viruses.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure which kind of viruses I’d prefer. The ones that steal your credit card information and your passwords, or the ones that slow your computer down and randomly delete your data?


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  1. zezil says:

    Ugly ugly thing! Especially if you do not have a back-up..

    • drewpan says:

      Yeah. I’ve been hit twice by viruses when I was younger. Luckily I didn’t have irreplaceable documents or anything back then. Hell, that was before email, jpegs and MP3s hahaha!

      • zezil says:

        There was one time where I almost turned mental because of this crazy virus. I was submitting my THESIS to my adviser when lo and behold! The characters turned hieroglyphs or something! Luckily I had a back up in my other saving device. That was close. And traumatic.

      • drewpan says:

        Holy crap! And somewhere, some idiot nerd is chuckling to himself because he thinks he’s awesome.

      • zezil says:

        yeah, as much as I admire nerds, I cant help but put the adjective ‘idiot’ before their group when that thing happened.

  2. When these things happen you can’t do anything else but ask: “What’s wrong with you people?” And then you fight the urge to lock yourself in your room, cry uncontrollably for every bit of data lost, and just hate the world forever. That’s how much viruses can affect people those days. Nah. I’m definitely exaggerating.

  3. I’d make that a rule of thumb. When confused, always go with the one that sounds better. Haha! Nice post by the way!

  4. I don’t get the mentality of people who invent these viruses. Nothing good comes from it. These are the same people who get a kick out of graffiti or damaging public property … you know, idiots.

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