Well, it’s April Fool’s Day, so there’s bound to be a whole bunch of pranking and trolling going  around. I figured I’ll just take this moment to put up five pranks that I’ve enjoyed.

That hostage prank

Okay, this is all kinds of wrong but I piss myself laughing whenever I see this. I mean, the idea of pranking is to make someone look stupid but here they’re making someone genuinely fear for their lives when they fake a terrorist attack! I mean, this is the kinda shit that will leave lasting emotional trauma, right?

Creepy Little Girl prank

I hate creepy little girls. I really do. I can deal with any horror movie you throw at me, except ones that involve creepy little girls and long-haired Asian girls in white dresses. Watching The Ring (both the Japanese and US versions) and Ju-on messed me up, and now I can’t stand the sight of them. For someone to go and prank people like that is really really messed up, and I think this Korean girl deserves what she gets at the end.

There was another incident in Indonesia where some girl did the same thing to some people in an elevator by crawling towards it when the doors opened. There was a security guard in the elevator, and instead of panicking like the others, he bravely threw himself forward and kicked the girl in the face, shattering teeth and bone. GOOD WORK!

I personally think he deserves a medal for that, because it’s not everyday you find a guard who will brave an angry ghost, especially in a country like Indonesia where crawling girl ghost stories are part of their culture and traditions. Check this link for more info, including CCTV footage of the brave guard at work.

Left-handed Whopper

Apparently in 1998, Burger King took out a full page ad in USA Today and announced a left-handed Whopper, with everything flipped over 180 degrees as to suit left-handed eaters. And people fell for that

Does this look like a left-handed or right-handed Whopper to you?

Massage Chair Prank

Wow the Japanese have a really warped sense of humor, huh? They just absolutely love humiliating people!


Unbeknownst to Japanese TV executives, pranks can actually be funny without torturing or scaring someone. Check out this prank where Jewel disguises herself as some regular office exec and sings her own songs at a karaoke bar!


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6 responses »

  1. Lawstcase says:

    Those pranks are pretty good! I remember a very successful (but horrible) one my friends pulled, she told me she was in car accident and I actually drove all the way to the hospital><

    • drewpan says:

      Oh man that’s harsh! I hope the hospital wasn’t too far away and that you didn’t create any actual car accidents while speeding to the hospital!

  2. topiclessbar says:

    That Japanese massage chair prank is priceless!!!

    • drewpan says:

      The Japanese are really warped like that… funny, but warped! I’d hate to be catapulted naked into the snow just to entertain an entire nation!

  3. olujideo says:

    lol at the chair prank, d’you think the people skiing just decided to sit and watch for more random people being flipped out the side of a wall? haha 😛

    • drewpan says:

      That would be awesome, to stumble across an ongoing prank. You could just set up a chair of your own, and just eat popcorn while watching random people get flung into the snow!

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