Note: this post is purely about venting frustration. It really doesn’t have any worthwhile content in it at all. You were warned!

I don’t know if you guys remember, but a while ago I wrote a post about these two office jerks in my workplace and how we have to go through great lengths to avoid having lunch with them.

Well, the good news is that we’ve worked out a routine where we zig instead of zag on the way to lunch, and they’ve miraculously understood that it means we are actively avoiding them. That, and there was a batch of naive new hires for them to latch onto like leeches.

The bad news is, they’re still assholes, and they’re still here.

Anyway, something happened at work that just pissed me off in a major way. One of the two assholes, Big Fat Ego (BFE), is a self-absorbed holier-than-thou nerd type.  He has an incessant need to be the center of attention, and will butt into every conversation with his opinions that he considers to be bible-truth. On my second day of work here, I had the unfortunate experience of having lunch with him, and he was bragging about how his dad was invited to Steve Jobs’ funeral, as if that actually means anything.

One of the things BFE loves to brag about is his animation skills. He thinks he’s an absolute genius when it comes to animation.

Which leads me to the thing that really pisses me off, which is how I’m now at work doing his shit for him because our lead thinks he can’t finish his own shots, and he’s at home on a paid vacation because we needed his computer to help with the render load.

And he brags about that too!

What kind of stupid asshole gloats about being given a few days of extra leave when there are people who are pulling overtime to clean up your half-assed work for you?

No gratitude or appreciation, no pretense of humility. You got pulled off your shots because you’re fucking incompetent! Everyone’s had the good sense to not rub your inadequacies in your face, so why don’t you have the good sense not to gloat about your days off?

Ah well, back to work.


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  1. While you guys are doing “his work,” you should add some subliminal sexually explicit content in his stuff. You know, like those crazy Disney artists did in the Little Mermaid and some other movies I never saw. Maybe he will get fired for it. I’m just sayin, ya know…….

  2. There’s one of those in my office, too. I accuse her of being “important by association”. I do not care for her one bit and refuse to give her the time of day.

    • drewpan says:

      That’s the spirit!

      People say I’m bitter and mean-spirited sometimes, but honestly, I’d like to think I’m just saving all my warmth and friendliness for those who deserve it.

  3. What is it about the creative field that invites such raging egomaniacs? In my years in the graphic design industry I’ve met some of the world’s biggest douchebags, so completely full of themselves that noone else exists. And the funniest (?) part is that 90 percent of the time, they’re never as good as they say they are, or they’d like to be.

    • drewpan says:

      I know, right? Fresh out of school and some douchebags (perfect use of this term btw) think they know everything and no longer need to learn.

      Makes me question why I left publishing sometimes hahaha!

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