You know what’s amazing? YouTube is amazing. There’s just so much shit on it that it really just blows my mind.

Ah YouTube, how amazing you are

You could think of any obscure song or music video, and BAM it’s right there on YouTube. Whether it’s blocked in your part of the world is something else entirely, but that’s beside the point.

And this is such a huge difference from when I was a kid. Back then, I depended entirely on the radio to listen to new music. And then later on, it was music videos on TV. Basically, it’s entirely dependant on what some music programmer decides they want to put on, which is almost always Top 40 stuff.

If I were to flick on the TV and see the last part of a music video I’ve never seen before, that’s it – I’m screwed. If the video happened to be one from one of my favorite bands, I’d have to plant my ass in front of the TV and just stare until it come up again… if it ever does.

Or I might go to school and a friend would be all like: “Did you see the Weezer video made to look like Happy Days? It’s so rad!” All I’d ever know about the Weezer video would be that it’s rad, and it looks like Happy Days.

The early days of the Internet fixed that somewhat, because you could download music videos (yes, there is more to be downloaded from the Internet than just porn!). But this was still quite a pain, because you’d have to dig around to find a site that hosts that video. And compression rates were pretty shitty back then, so the file would be about 50 megabytes, which takes about 4 days to download on a dial-up modem.

I remember taking forever to download Marky Mark’s Good Vibrations video – and then I watched it maybe twice.

But YouTube has changed all that. you can now just log onto YouTube, punch it in, and there it is. You could watch that silly Charle & Eddie video anytime you want to. You could stare blankly at the mesmerizing visuals of Seven Nation Army after hearing its tune in the new GI Joe trailer (which you can also see on YouTube anytime you want). If you’re feeling sad and lonely on a Saturday night, lock the door and put on a Katy Perry music video.

Because of YouTube, I’ve been able to see so many music videos of songs that I cherished in high school, which I was never able to see back then because I didn’t glue my ass in front of the TV. I can go on tangents… like if I watched a Weezer video and it reminded me of The Rentals, I could go and YouTube a Rentals video right there and then!

If a music video has been made for a song, then you’ll probably be able to find it on YouTube. If the song doesn’t have a music video, then it’ll probably be there anyway, albeit with static images of the band and the album art. This includes songs from before the Internet, like even before computers. I’ve found old songs from my dad’s era on YouTube, and I’m not just talking about popular stuff like Frank Sinatra. I mean old obscure shit that I can’t even remember because it’s just so old and obscure.

(This example of an old song isn’t really that old and obscure, but it’s one of my favorite songs so just deal with it)

I realize that YouTube isn’t exactly new technology or anything… I’m sure everyone knows just what it’s all about. But I just wanted to harp about it anyway, because it’s just something that a lot of people take for granted, especially these kids who grew up with the Internet.

YouTube is fucking awesome! End of post.

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I love my kids, my wife movies and video games (in no particular order). Sometimes my dog too, but he likes to stink up my pillow these days.

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  1. I like checking out the trailers for films from the fifties and sixties, especially noir-ish melodramas. It’s funny how lo-tech they are. Of course, that doesn’t make them any less effective.

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