So the wifey and I have started watching an old TV series called Sports Night. Why? Because it’s created by Sorkin, and the guy can do no wrong in our books.

The cast of Sports Night

I kinda remember Sports Night from when I was in high school. However, the timeslot never seemed to work out for me, so I don’t think I’ve seen more than an episode or two. Now that I’m watching it properly, I totally recognize its genius, and I can see how this humble 30min show got the ball rolling for future great shows like West Wing and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

She's cute!

It’s a shame about that cheesy laugh track, but I guess the studio morons insisted, and it does fade away as the season goes on.

But this post isn’t about Sports Night – it’s about childhood crush #3: Sabrina Lloyd. In case you’re wondering, #1 and #2 would be Jennifer Connelly (Labyrinth), and Neve Campbell (Party of Five).

In Sports Night, Lloyd plays associate producer Natalie Hurley. Watching the show has reminded me of how enamored I was with her back when I first saw her in Sliders.

The cast of Sliders, and that really cool font!

Lloyd is not one of those girls that’s going to appear on the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, but still she’s got a lot of cuteness and spunk about her. She’s like the girl-next-door, best-friend-from-way-back sorta girl that grows on you. You know, like Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful. I don’t know about you guys, but if I was Eric Stoltz in that movie, I’d never have noticed Lea Thompson so long as Mary Stuart Masterson was around.

And that’s the kind of appeal that made Lloyd stand out from all the other uber-pretty female actresses being flung around at the time, like Jenny Garth, Jennifer Love Hewitt etc. I’m not sure how to describe it… except maybe with other movie analogies.

Okay, consider an actress like Christina Applegate from Married With Children. She’s incredibly pretty, with a rocking body and all. But you’re a geeky little teenage kid… for Christina Applegate to appear in your life would require a Weird Science-like experiment to create a virtual woman out of computers, a Barbie doll and porno mags. And even then, she’ll probably reject you.

Which isn’t to say that a girl like Sabrina Lloyd wouldn’t reject you either, but she does have that sorta vibe that suggests she’ll see past your pimples and glasses, and would hang out with you just because you’re a nice guy. I’m not saying that she’d hang out with geeky guys because she can’t attract jocks – it’s just that she doesn’t have that cheerleader vibe.

I guess this probably says a lot of the kind of girls I was into back in high school. But even now, watching Sports Night and seeing Lloyd’s cuteness and the quirkiness of her character, I think her appear transcends high school.

She’s got plenty of appeal due to her cute features, and she doesn’t even need to run around in a red bikini to reinforce that. Actually, most of her wardrobe in Sliders and Sports Night consists of blouses and stuff… and she still looks great. That’s gotta count for something!

I also liked her hair a lot. When I doodled my comics, I’d draw girls with her hairdo hahaha!

Anyway, that’s my little walk down memory lane. Did you have a crush on Sabrina Lloyd back in high school? Do you think you would’ve? Are you crushing on her right now?


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  1. Totally into her watching that show. It was never the same when she left

    • Drew says:

      Sadly I didn’t follow the series up until her departure. At some point it just got really silly with boring plots and unintelligent alternate universes.

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