Everyone’s all totally jazzed up by the new Avengers trailer, and really… why shouldn’t they be? It looks awesome.

HOWEVER, there is one bit that totally annoys me though is this shot 2mins into the trailer where all the Avengers assemble in a big sweeping heroic shot.

Everyone’s either got some kinda epic weapon in their hands: Thor has his hammer, Hawkeye has his uber-bow, Iron Man has the suit, Captain America has his shield, and Hulk… well basically his body is one giant green weapon.

But what about Black widow? She’s reloading what looks like a Glock… the same pistols that regular cops use. So what exactly does she hope to accomplish with that little pistol? If the soldier firing the .50 caliber machine gun in the beginning of the trailer is shown to be ineffective against the bad guys, what is her 9mm gun going to do? Why not carry something with a bit more bang, like an assault rifle?

Not the most combat-effective outfit in the world

So what exactly does she do in the team, aside from walking around in a tight black suit? Does she hope to distract Loki with her ass and cleavage? If so, maybe she should wear a metal bikini instead.

I guess it’ll take a bit longer before female superheroes can be just “superheroes” without being sexualized. I mean, check out this picture of the Avengers, with the male and female poses reversed.

The Avengers, with reverse-gender poses

I’m trying to think of female superheroes that have been portrayed without getting their sex appeal ramped up, and the only one I can think of in recent history is Hit Girl from Kick-Ass – but that was because she was incredibly young!


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  1. Addie says:

    So there’s this popular Filipino comics superheroine called Darna wearing only a red bra and sexy boyshorts. Personally, I don’t think I could kick butts with that kind of costume. I wouldn’t really want to end up becoming a laughing stock due to a possible a wardrobe malfunction. Not a fan of superhero movies but yeah, I’d have to agree with this post.

    And Hit Girl is really the man.

    • drewpan says:

      Having read X-Men comics all through my childhood, I thought those costumes were pretty standard and acceptable. Then I read this one comic called Appleseed where the female protagonist wears combat fatigues and body armor, just like the males. That kinda blew up my world perspective!

  2. hahaha! awesome post, although now I can’t get the mental image of a metal bikini out of my head!

  3. Cara Olsen says:

    I think Black Widow’s power lies mainly in her ability to capitalize in a situation where her male opponents have underestimated her. IE: the first scene she’s in. I would argue her body is as much a weapon as Hulks. The gun . . . simply precautionary should every back-up fail. Yes, she is beautiful and sexy, but she is also cunning and clever and wily.

    I agree with you, though, that the need to sexualize her to the degree in which they do is unnecessary, but to be honest the boys were pretty glammed up, too. Their arms looked like basted turkey wings! From what I can see, propagating sexual promiscuity isn’t gender discriminate; each is being exploited.

    All that said, I LOVED the movie! 😉

    • drewpan says:

      Although I did notice something… none of the guys got topless in this movie – well, except for the Hulk that is. Everyone else did a bare-chested scene in their introduction movies.

  4. renxkyoko says:

    A woman super hero… hmmmm… Superwoman? Wonderwoman ? The heroine in Underworld is also great. Lara Croft…. and one of my favorites, Resident Evil. ( Geezz, I forget the name. Aaaaargh ! )

    • drewpan says:

      Oh yeah for sure. Selene, Alice and Lara Croft are definitely strong female characters. In their own worlds, they kick serious ass and have lots of offer. Black Widow has two teeny pistols and a black belt against an alien army with advanced weaponry and giant weapons. I’d argue that Selene and Alice would have more to offer in a stand-up fight than Black Widow, as one’s a vampire and the other is some mutated super soldier.

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