I figured out what dubstep sounds like the other day. After hearing vague descriptions that range from “wubwubwub” to “a dial-up modem having sex with a fax machine”, I came across the trailer to the new remake of Syndicate, which features a new version of the videogame’s theme by Skrillex (the first time I heard that name, I thought it was the brand name of a dishwashing detergent).

Back in the 1994 original, it sounded like this:

Now I’m not going to rant about taking the name of a beloved strategy videogame from my childhood and then pasting it over a modern FPS that looks nothing like the original game – well, maybe I’ll put that in a later post when I actually give the new game a shot.

I loved this game back in the day

However, the new music did affect me a little. I’m not going to say I hated it, because I do kinda like it and it did get me to go and look up other Skrillex tracks. What it did do, was to remind me of how much I love the old soundtracks by Russell Shaw. So this morning, I loaded up the soundtrack from Syndicate Wars (1996) into my phone, and listened to it while commuting to work this morning. Basically, it sounds like this:

I wrote a post a few days ago about soundtracks affecting your life. Trust me, when you walk around with this music plugged into your ears, it makes the whole world around you change. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking around a dark alley at night, riding a subway train, or crossing the road in broad daylight; you will feel paranoid from the tense atmosphere.

The people on the train are glancing at you, hoping that you don’t do anything to step out of line and attract the attention of the hive-mind. That girl chatting on her phone? She’s actually a cybernetic sleeper agent, designed to monitor you and erase you if you display signs of independent thought. It’s a scary world out there.

Think she's just chatting on her phone? She's actually a cybernetic sleeper agent sent to watch you. Photo source: 123RF

Anyway, if you haven’t tried it before, take the Syndicate Wars soundtrack out with you, and plug that shit into your ears. It will change your perception of the world like this:



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