Here’s a quick post. After my borderline homoerotic post about David Boreanaz, I figured out that a lot of other people out there are fond of the big guy too. If you’re one of them, you might be interested in this Tumblr that I stumbled across, where a cardboard standee of Angel goes out and has a whole bunch of adventures!

Angel guarding his fort!

Check it out: Angel does stuff


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. Cara Olsen says:

    LOL. Wow, I don’t know how I feel about Angel/Bones peeking out of a tent . . . Too far?

    I read your about section; what kind of dog do you have?

  2. ROFL! Fun post! I laughed the hardest at “Occupy Sunnydale”!

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