I think movie soundtracks are really important. The right song can really dictate a scene; change it and the same scene will have a completely different vibe altogether. I’m plugged into my music for most of the day, so I think the same applies to soundtracks for life.

With movie soundtracks, choosing the right song is a two-way situation: you choose a song that suits the scene’s mood, but at the same time the song can also alter the mood. It’s the same with life soundtracks, because the music can influence how you feel and the things you do. For example, if Hans Zimmer wrote the soundtrack to your life, you’d probably be doing epic things every day. If it was by the Cure, you’d be an emotional wreck, probably spending most of your time writing poetry in your room, with the rain constantly beating on your window.

So when I was thinking about who I’d want to compose the soundtrack of my life, I also had to think about what kind of life I wanted to lead.

With that in mind, I decided on I am Robot and Proud.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with I am Robot and Proud (which is probably 99% of you), he’s a Canadian musician who makes these awesome electronic songs that are obviously synthesized, yet have a really organic and dreamlike feel to them. I dunno, I guess they also kinda remind me of the midi-powered videogame tunes from my 90’s childhood – and I just love those tunes.

Anyway, imagine commuting to work with this song going on in the background:

Or waking up and doing your daily morning routines to this:

I could easily do my chores to this:

Imagine spending time with a book and your dog with this song going:

Shaw-Han Liem, aka I am Robot and Proud

After hearing this tunes, you’ve probably got a fair idea of what I am Robot and Proud’s music is like. So why did I single this artist out to represent the soundtrack of my life? Because that’s how I’d want my life to be like. There’s a sense of innocence in his music, and that’s what I’d like my life to be like. Nothing too exciting – just simple pleasures and calming vibes.

I’m not the kinda guy that enjoys hard partying and drinking, and while I do enjoy more heart-racing activities like videogames and skating, I don’t need to constantly feel an adrenaline rush either. I’m perfectly happy lying on the floor with my dog, or watching a DVD with my wife.

And I am Robot and Proud is the ideal soundtrack for that type of lifestyle!

Who would you get to write the soundtrack to your life?

PS If you liked what you heard from I am Robot and Proud, please visit his website!


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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  1. Nathann says:

    Thanks for posting this, I had heaps of fun thinking about it!

    In the end I decided on Alan Menken.

  2. […] wrote a post a few days ago about soundtracks affecting your life. Trust me, when you walk around with this music plugged into your ears, it makes the whole world […]

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