I’ve heard people refer to breasts as “airbags” before, but it is a pretty accurate description in this case. Sheyla Hershey, aka the woman with the world’s largest breast implants, was involved in a car crash after the Super Bowl, but her gigantic 38KKK-sized breasts acted as airbags and kept her alive. Surprisingly, they didn’t pop or anything either.

Those things can save your life in a car accident!

Before you quip that it’s probably the seat belt that saved her life, know that she wasn’t wearing her seat belt at the time – it probably can’t fit over those things! Come to think of it, how can she even reach the steering wheel?

I’m sure having large breasts have saved many a woman from things like late fees and speeding tickets before, but this must surely be the first time they’ve saved a woman from a life-threatening automobile accident. Now if they can only make those things float too!

Original source: The Mirror

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  1. I’m all for big breasts, but DAMN!!!!!!

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