Just a quick post today, because I think you guys really need to check out the cuteness that is the new Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial. Last year was the Vader kid, and that was really cool too, and this year they’ve got a dog getting totally into shape to chase after a car. It’s so damned cute!

That said, something caught my eye and that’s this one alien that I really don’t remember being in the Mos Eisley cantina.

Did you ever notice this alien in Star Wars?

WARNING: The rest of this post is extremely geeky in nature. Do not read further if you don’t know what a Jawa is, nor do you care.

On first glance, she’s probably a Twi’lek because of her skin color, but she lacks the head snakes that are representative of a Twi’lek. The other blue-skinned alien species I can think of are the Chiss, the alien race that Grand Admiral Thrawn belongs to. The Chiss have three distinctive characteristics: blue skin, blue-black hair and glowing red eyes. This alien fits the blue skin, but the hair color is a bit hard to distinguish in Mos Eisley cantina’s poor lighting. The glowing red eyes would be a dead giveaway then, but we can’t get a good frontal look of her. That said, the commercial director really should’ve had her facing the camera so that we can get a good frontal look. You know, so we can check her eyes.

Grand Admiral Thrawn has his eyes on the prize

UPDATE: “Thetensor” on Reddit has correctly identified the two girls as being the Tonnika sisters! And she’s not a blue alien, as you can see the regular-colored skin on her hands, exposing the blue as a jumpsuit. A very fitting jumpsuit, but a jumpsuit nevertheless!

Here are the Tonnika sisters as they appear in Star Wars: A New Hope… or at least, two Mystral Shadow Guard warriors disguised as the Tonnika sisters (the difference in their height being a giveaway, as the real sisters are identical in every physical manner).

The Tonnika sisters, as they appear in A New Hope


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  1. michaeljones909 says:

    I have to say, I toootallllyy agree,the director should definitely of had that alien turn round,and keep her in the frame way longer than he did,just for clarification of course.:)
    Can you belive I’ve only ever seen the very first StarWars…I had no idea people got into it so much!…you really know your aliens! haha…:)

    • drewpan says:

      Holy crap, Michael! You really need to watch the other two movies in that trilogy. By other two, I mean The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, as those are iconic and totally cemented in pop culture history forever. You can skip any other Star Wars movies though!

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