It was my dog Sonic’s birthday on Monday, and we celebrated the usual way by getting him and his brother Knuckles plushie presents and a doggy birthday cake.

But this post isn’t just about celebrating my dog’s 3rd birthday, it’s about why I think he deserves one.

Two silkese dogs celebrate their birthday with a cake

Sonic & Knuckles, and their birthday cake

Whenever it comes to Sonic’s birthday or some other event where my wife and I pamper our dog, I have these friends who would give us crap for it. Recently, the exclamation went something along the lines of: “He doesn’t need a birthday party… he’s a dog!” The reason being that as a dog, he doesn’t have any concept of birthdays, parties, or even what day of the week it is. Every day is just another day for him, so why make things any different.

Perhaps that’s true. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that it’s his birthday, or the significance of the presents and cake, but why should that make any difference? After all, what is a birthday about? It’s not exactly a special day for humans either, right? I don’t feel any different on my birthdays – it’s not like I suddenly level up and get a new set of skills or anything. The only thing different about a birthday is that your friends decide that they like you enough to want to celebrate that on this day, many many moons ago, you were born and that they’re happier that you’re a part of their lives. Cos other than that, it’s really just any other day.

But if you look at it that way, then why shouldn’t we celebrate a dog’s birthday? My wife and I are extremely happy that we have Sonic in our lives, and that little ball of fur cheers us up on a daily basis, just with his silly crooked smile and droopy tongue.

Sonic loves peeing

Haters might not think that dogs and other pets warrant a birthday celebration, and to do so would be weird (weird as in going on a Valentine’s date with your favorite potted plant), but I honestly disagree with that. Quite honestly, I’d rather celebrate his birthday over a lot of other human birthdays, because I care a lot more about this guy than some random cousin that I see once a year at some family reunion. I’d much rather go and find him a special present that he’d love to chew and hump, rather than finding some generic present for someone with the personality of cardboard.

I bumped into someone I know today. I know from Facebook that it’s his birthday, but I couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm to even mumble a quick “happy birthday, asshole.” Instead, I just nodded as he walked past. After all, he’s a prick, with less goodness in him than my dog has in his little paws. So if people think that dogs don’t deserve birthday celebrations, why do asshole humans still get special treatment, even if it’s just a bunch of thoughtless “Happy birthday!” posts on their Facebook page?

Anyway, if you think I’m way too into my dog, check out this story in the NY Post about a guy who committed suicide after euthanizing his dog. Now THAT’S hardcore pet love!


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