I love my Microsoft keyboard, but at some point in its life the rubbery bit started getting all melty and sticky. Bits of hair and dust would stick to it, and if you press your fingertip onto it, it’d leave a print. That’s pretty disgusting, honestly.

I’ve tried wiping it before, but it doesn’t come off at all. It’s not something that attached itself to the surface of the keyboard; it’s the surface itself!

And it’s a problem that’s not exclusive to my keyboard either; my dad’s mouse has the same issue, and I remember a pair of headphones suffering from that melting rubber problem too. Which makes you wonder: why the hell did they decide to use this material in the first place? It’s cool when its new, but gets exponentially grosser as time goes by.

The gross sticky texture of my keyboard

One day, I was trying to write a press release, but the stickiness on my keyboard just really got to me. It was going apeshit frictiony against my wrists, and I was having enough difficulty doing my work without this frustrating me too. So I flipped out (in a minor way), and Googled the problem (an impulsive and reckless reaction, I know).

I saw suggested methods involving rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, and scraping the top layer off with a knife. I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol or sandpaper at my desk, but the thought of using my butterfly knife (which I keep at my desk in case I get attacked by a mutated mosquito or need an envelop opened) on my keyboard just seemed a little bit excessive.

One other method that was suggested involved using wet wipes and elbow grease to scrub all the rubber and gluey shit off, and I just happened to have one of those single-serve wet wipes from a Chinese restaurant lying around my desk. So I started scrubbing, and lo and behold… it works! Scrub hard enough, and the melty bits come right off, revealing the regular plastic underneath.

Now it's slightly cleaner!

It’s now just plain plastic and not as “cool” as it was before, but it sure beats having sticky shit irritating your hands and wrists. Got sticky crap on your computer peripherals? Use wet wipes!

PS How many of you thought this post was going to be about Internet porn?


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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

4 responses »

  1. wipe says:

    Thanks! You saved my kyeboard 🙂

  2. Elise says:

    I didn’t have Wet Wipes, but I used a store brand cleansing cloth, and IT WORKED! Thank you so much. Had tried other stuff that just made it worse.

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