My sister sent me this animated gif of videogames, and excuse the pun, but it’s just full of win!

How to win in classic videogames


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  1. michaeljones909 says:

    Oh…This take’s me back a bit.I still remember the old space invader games on Atari!. They where simple but loads of fun :).
    It’s amazing to think they’ve come so far,
    These old games accounted for a large portion of my youthful nights and more than a few bitter arguments. LOL 🙂

    • drewpan says:

      Those “simple” games are actually incredibly hard! I hardly last past a handful of levels in Pacman and all. Gamers are relatively spoiled these days when it comes to difficulty levels. Old-school gamers must’ve been really hardcore when it comes to reflexes back in the day!

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