I find that the main problem with assholes is not that they totally ruin your day with their selfish and inconsiderate behavior, but that this behavior invariably spreads. It’s like a virus that infects everyone that comes in contact with it.

Think of it this way: you’re at the train station, and you’re waiting patiently for the train in that designated area that allows commuters on the train to alight comfortably. Just before the train arrives, some assholes come along and crowd the space in front of you, blocking the alighting commuters and cutting you off.

What can you do at this point? If you just let these assholes do their thing, they’ll fill up the train that you waited patiently for, and you might even have to wait for the next one. The likelihood is that you’ll have to do as they do, and push and shove just to make your way onto the train – effectively making you an asshole too. Because even if you hang onto your morals, the people around you will slowly become assholes too, creating a overwhelming flood of assholes.

This example of the infectious nature of assholes isn’t restricted to the evening commute on the trains – it is apparent all around us. Like those online gamer kids who use exploitative tactics to abuse the game and score cheap wins, and the only way to fight back is to use equally cheap tactics. Or trying queuing up for anything in China…

Don't you ever wish you could just optic blast the asshole drivers in a traffic jam?

One particularly troublesome area is traffic jams. When traffic is slow, asshole drivers will start irresponsibly switching and cutting lanes. Being cut off by some jerk-off tends to infuriate people, and soon more people will start driving aggressively to hold their own ground. Before long, you’ll have a whole bunch of aggressive drivers on the road, unnecessarily revving their engines and swerving left and right. When you have that many aggressive drivers on the road, inevitably someone is going to screw up and crash his/her car.

And what happens then? The traffic jam gets even more congested, and the asshole virus will spread exponentially.

So what can you do? I personally have no clue. I try soooo hard to just zen out, but it’s not easy when you wanna head home after a long day at work. I’d say it’s in education, but that’s obviously not going to work because every day I see parents teaching their kids how to get ahead by exploiting the system or stepping over other kids.

Team America had a great speech about assholes and dicks. It’s not going to solve anything with its wisdom, but it’s great for a laugh.


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  1. clayer says:

    Great post! Would love for us to keep in touch along my journey! I am sure you have some great insight.


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