A few months ago, a stray cat gave birth to some kittens in our garden, and they’ve been seeking shelter with us ever since. My wife, ever the animal-lover, has been sheltering and feeding the kittens since, because they’re just so small and adorable like that.

I think in an alternate universe, we could possibly adopt the cats. But we can’t, because we have a dog and he doesn’t get along with the cats at all. It’s not that he’s a selfish dog or anything, but the cats hiss and snarl at him all the time and it scares the crap out of our little fur-kid. It’s really quite sad to see him poke his furry face out of the door, and then sometimes just tremble there because he’s too afraid to go out into his own garden.

The tense border relations between Sonic and the kitties

Now that the kittens are not so reliant on their mother (who hardly shows up in our garden anymore), we’ve made it our Christmas mission to find Forever Homes for these refugees kittens. With the exception of Medium Cat, they’re about 3-4 months old.

Medium is the 8 month old big sister of the bunch, from the previous batch of kittens

Batcat is the brave one, and is always the first to come out of hiding and approach us

Socks is the cutest, but is very timid and avoids humans

Stocking is the friendliest, and will approach us without any hostile behavior

Here they are, all huddled up and napping together

So if you live in Singapore and would like to show some Christmas love by adopting one of them (or more), please just drop a message and I’ll get right back to you. More photos can be found here.

In the meantime, merry Christmas!


About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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