Christmas is just around the corner, and we’ve only just finished getting presents for everyone. Right about now would be a good time to kick back, relax, and put on some Christmas-themed movies to watch. We tried to make it a tradition to watch Home Alone every year, but that never quite worked out. Maybe we’ll get it done this year though.

But there are plenty of other Christmas movies to be watched, and here, in no particular order, are five of my favorite Christmas movies.

Home Alone (1990)

Because of this movie, Macauley Culkin made a massive name for himself and started flooding the screens with a ton of crappy movies until everyone got sick of him. But that should not diminish the greatness of this movie at all, because you can never get sick of the sugary sweetness, mixed with the hilarity of watching Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern fall on hard objects again, and again, and again!

Die Hard (1988)

Not a single Santa Clause appears in this movie, yet this is pretty much the first film that comes to my mind whenever I think of Christmas. Why? Because the movie is awesome, and really set the standards for action films to follow, and because of that last scene, where they play “Let it Snow” over the end credits. It’s just a perfect way to end a Christmas movie.

Love Actually (2003)

When it comes to plain heart-string-pulling sappiness, nothing beats Love Actually. It throws something like ten different heartwarming stories at you, and you’re bound to relate to at least one of them. And then of course, there’s this song!

Gremlins (1984)

Everybody knows that getting someone a pet for Christmas is a bad idea. Pets are living creatures, and shouldn’t be given to someone that might not be responsible or loving enough to look after them. An even worse idea is to give them a pet that turns into vicious, rapidly-multiplying creatures whose sole purpose it is to trash things. But still, Mogwai is cute as hell.

Mogwai in a Christmas hat

Sooo cute!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

This is probably the least Christmasy movie on this list, but still, it’s funny, it’s got great chemistry between Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer, and it’s got Michelle Monaghan running around in this outfit for quite a while.

Santarina with a gun

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