Got some tweaks done to the reel, based on the first wave of feedback from the forums.

The biggest change is the music, which is a Death in Vegas song suggested by my brother, and I also cut the orc/elf fight in half and separated them.

More changes are in store, though. I’m probably going to drop quite a few shots, including the two acting shots.

Off-topic: I just realized that this silly Saitek Cyborg keyboard is gimped. It looks nice and all, with the funky glowing keys with adjustable colors, but the zero key doesn’t work. And because it doesn’t work, I can’t use the close brackets symbol. That really sucks.

One point I was given about the reel was the lack of a proper “weight” shot. So I’m gonna go rustle up one of those before I continue.

Off-topic again: Know what else sucks about this keyboard? I can’t use the right-shift key to get my “inverted commas”. I can only use my left-shift key. What a fussy keyboard!


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I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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