Well, I’m still waiting on Mikkel to pass me a more complete version of the sound mix for the Warcraft fight, so in the meantime I’m going to try something a little bit different and work on a short acting clip. The Warcraft fight was over 20 seconds and took almost a month, so I wanted to make sure this one won’t take more than a weekend.

It’s a clip from Daria (I think), and I’m using the Andy rig.


  • Clean up finger contact on hips.
  • Maybe polish the arm movements.

I gotta say, the Andy rig is a real love/hate thing for me. I really like the facial controls, and the built-in clothing/hair options, but something about the way its controls work bugs me. I mean, when I want to keyframe a single control, all the other controls automatically set a keyframe for themselves. Now that just bugs me in a major way! It just doesn’t sit well with my workflow, and I hate ending up with a timeline that’s almost entirely filled with keyframes. I know there’s some Character Set thing going on, but this happens even if I disable that.

If you’re familiar with the Andy rig, and you think you know what I’m doing wrong, please enlighten me!


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