I had a couple of the guys on the forums suggest that I include some slo-mo, cos it works incredibly well for movies like 300. That’s true I guess, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stylize this scene too much. In the end, I figured a couple of bits in my anim would definitely have a lot to gain from it, so I included slo-mo in the head kick and the head stomp. I was going to add some to the shoulder-charge too, but decided against it because it makes for an awkward cut to the next shot.

Anyway, here it is:


  • Added slo-mo to the head kick and the head stomp.


  • Add sound effects.
  • Tweak the lighting, and maybe add an ambient occlusion pass.
  • Fix the camera angles.

So as you can see, I’ve still got some stuff to do. The notes about the slo-mo also include suggestions to bring the camera closer, to increase the intensity of the feel. I’m going to do that, and that should be up pretty soon.

Since I mentioned forum guys earlier, I may as well give a shout-out to Simsim314, Tonychau, Adamkadamon and RustEdge, among many others, for their constant source of feedback and encouragement on the 11 Second Club and CGTalk forums.


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