I really should’ve just put up a playblast, but there’s some issues going on where the playblast AVIs won’t import properly into Premiere Pro. The render times aren’t too long anyway, so I just put out another render. Not as many changes as I wanted, but I’ve already put more changes in as I put up this post. Anyway, here’s the progress of the video as of a couple of days ago.


  • Re-animated the orc’s axe swings.
  • Added a larger arc to the elf’s back during the head-kick leap.
  • Slowed down the orc’s spin in shot 2.
  • Made the orc’s elbow strike to be more like a shoulder ram in shot 3.
  • Added some 2D sparks to the weapon clashes. But they look like shit.

To do:

  • More tweaking, especially to contrast the timing of the orc’s and the elf’s actions.
  • Redo the elf’s body movement during the head-kick leap.
  • Re-time the head slams in shot 4.
  • Tweak the orc’s motion in the head stomp.
  • More heave animation for the orc’s first axe swing.
  • Add sound effects.

About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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