Well, I couldn’t help myself so I took some time to quickly knock out some low-res renders to see my new scene in nicely rendered detail.


  • Tweaked some timing.
  • Added a new pre-swing animation to the orc’s final axe blow.
  • Finally figured out how to reduce that washed out over-exposed look that the auto physical sun and sky option in Maya gives you.

To do:

  • More tweaking, especially to contrast the timing of the orc’s and the elf’s actions.
  • Change the elbow pose of the orc in shot 3, and make it more of a shoulder ram than an elbow charge.
  • Reduce the stiffness of some of the motions, especially the orc’s spin in shot 2.
  • More heave animation for the orc’s first axe swing.
  • Find some 2D FX elements for the final version.
  • Add sound effects.

About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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