Did a whole bunch of fixes and tweaks to the animation, and retimed some of the shots. Still got quite a bit to go though.


  • Made the orc’s feet swivel during the first axe swing.
  • Adjusted the orc’s final axe swing to a more vertical swing, and also changed the flight path after it gets knocked out of his hand.
  • Added glows to the Night Elf’s hands before the Arcane Explosion.
  • Added random bits of geometry to the background.
  • Slowed down the NE’s jumping head kick by a few frames.
  • Adjusted the camera during the NE’s extreme close-up to keep his eyes in frame.
  • Made the NE drop his daggers after the big shoulder/elbow strike.
  • The orc’s punch to the NE’s face is now a bit more brutal.
  • Squashed the NE’s head just a teeny bit during the stomp, and arched his spine even more. His head bounces less after the stomp.

To do:

  • Add facial animations.
  • Animate hands and fingers.
  • Polish the animation, and add more overlapping movements.
  • Fix the IK/FK transition when the orc lets go of the NE’s head after the head slams.
  • Fix the stretching of the NE’s arm after the shoulder/elbow strike.
  • Add more shock absorption when the orc blocks the NE’s backhand dagger slash.
  • Animate the NE’s dagger sheaths.
  • Figure out how to render an occlusion pass again.
  • Find some 2D FX elements for the final version.

About Drew

I love videogames, movies, my wife and my dog (in no particular order).

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