I was randomly shuffling songs on my iPhone today, and then a song from the John Tucker Must Die soundtrack popped up. Two things popped into my mind at that moment. First was a nostalgic kick back to when I first started out as a movie writer and this was an early movie I reviewed. The next thing was the amazingly hot ass on the movie poster.

John Tucker Must Die movie poster

John Tucker Must Die

Well that got your attention, right? I mean, I’m usually more of a cleavage sorta guy, but an ass like this is not something you’d want to look away from. To quote that douche from The Wedding Singer:

“That’s grade A top choice meat!”

Anyway, John Tucker isn’t exactly the only movie to assploit some young starlet’s derriere for an attention-grabbing poster. A couple of years ago, there was The Unborn which assploited the hell out of Odette Yustman, and James Bond posters have been doing it since the 70s. So I’ve put a few together, and please go ahead and vote for your favorite poster ass.

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