Ever since Chu Chu Rocket was remade for the iPhone, I’ve been periodically checking in on iTunes to see if its price would go down. I mean, the game is insanely awesome and was one of my favorite games on the Sega Dreamcast, but yeah I’m also on a tight budget.

Chu Chu Rocket

This game comes with shitloads of happy memories

And guess what I noticed yesterday? The price dropped to $0.99 because of Sega’s Thanksgiving sale. I snapped it up immediately, of course! This is me giving shitloads of thanks to Sega. THANKS!

If you haven’t played Chu Chu Rocket, you really should. The single player component is a cute puzzle game where you have to lead mice into rockets by dropping arrows on a grid to guide them towards salvation. At the same time, you have to keep the cats away from them. It’s fun, but it’s not really the kind of fun that will inspire fond memories.

But when you kick it into multiplayer mode, that’s where it gets awesome. In this mode, four players have to keep dropping arrows to not only lead the mice away from your opponents’ rockets and into your own, but you can also guide the cats into their rockets. You can only have something like 3 arrows on the map at any time, so it’s a race to constantly drop more arrows to control the situation.

And believe me, it gets incredibly frantic and is incredibly fun when you’re playing it with friends!

If that doesn’t sound catchy enough, check out this incredibly random TV commercial!

What are you waiting for? Snap it up now!


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