So Meg Ryan’s just turned 49, which makes her just 365 days shy of being 50.

This t-shirt is just a bit too suggestive!


Yes, she is a bit funny looking as she gets older these days, but not everyone can be like Helen Mirren and still fuel your engine in ways that make you feel awkward. Still, you absolutely cannot deny that back in the day, Meg Ryan was an absolute fox.

From the moment she popped up as Goose’s wife in Top Gun, past her glory days as Tom Hanks’ other half in those Nora Ephron movies, and all the way up to Kate and Leopold, I gotta say that Meg Ryan has always been one of those actresses that had the right mix of cuteness and spunk.

So yeah, some of you younger kids might be weirded out by what she looks like now (which looks like it involves a few botched surgeries), but take a walk down memory lane and check out the hotness that was young Meg Ryan.

Oh, and then of course, there is this completely UNFORGETTABLE scene. Close your eyes or switch off the video, and that’s some stroke material right there!


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